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Adenovirus 14 Recombination and Emergence

Papers and commentaries related to Adenovirus serotype 14 (Ad14) recombination and emergence are linked below

Adenovirus Serotype 14 Spread in Civilian Hospitals in Oregon (Commentary 11/19/07)

Adenovirus Serotype 14 Spread at Military Boot Camps (Commentary 11/18/07)

Adenovirus Serotype 14 Emergence (Commentary 11/17/07)

Adenovirus Serotype 14 Hexon Sequences Released (Commentary 11/16/07)

Adenovirus Serotype 14 Fatal Colds Due To Recombinant? (Commentary 11/16/07)

Febrile Respiratory Illness Surveillance (Navy Hub)

National Surveillance for Emerging Adenovirus Infections (web site)

Acute Respiratory Disease Associated with Adenovirus Serotype 14 --- Four States, 2006--2007. (MMWR 11/16/07)

Abrupt Emergence of Diverse Species B Adenoviruses at US Military Recruit Training Centers. J Infec Dis 196: 1465 (Nov 2007)

Emergence of Adenovirus Type 14 in US Military Recruits - A New Challenge. J Infec Dis 196: 1437 (Nov 2007)

IDSA: Outbreak of Severe Pneumonia Traced to Adenovoirus 14 (Conference Report)

Adenovirus 14 A New Cause of Community Acquire Pneumonia (Paul Lewis IDSociety Presentation)

Co-infection of Adenovirus Species in Previously Vaccinated Patients. Emerg Infec Dis 12  (June 2006)

PCR analysis of egyptian respiratory adenovirus isolates, including identification of species, serotypes, and coinfections. J Clin Microbiol 43: 5743 (Nov 2005)

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