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Henry Niman / Recombinomics In the News

H7N9 Pandemic Map   MERS-CoV Map H5N2 Map H5N8 Map

Avian (H7N9 H5N1 H5N2 H5N8) Swine Flu MERS-CoV

A Flu Epidemic That Threatens Birds, Not Humans NY Times

Embedded Fujian H5N2 North America Map - Rochester Austin Mason City MI KTTC , Bluefield Beckley WV WVVA , Madison WI WKOW , Wausau WI WAOW , Rochester MN KXLT , Sioux City IA KTIV , Hoosier Ag Today

Fujian H5 In Woodstock Ontario In Atlantic Flyway ontariocanews

Bird 'Flu Outbreak Infects Almost A Million Turkeys vocativ

Avian flu detected BC-1 Global News youtube

Highly pathogenic avian influenza that occurred in Miyazaki Prefecture in 2014 NARO

Hong Kong banned poultry products enter the Greater Vancouver

Again bird flu infected Canada

UPDATE: 11th arm hit with Avian flu, outbreak that started in Chilliwack enters U.S.
FEMA National Operations Brief December 22, 2014

Avian flu outbreak that started in Chilliwack crosses US border

BCLocalNews LangleyTimes ChilliwackTimes

Health agencies track outbreaks on social media
The Boston Globe

Tracking deadly outbreaks on Twitter
The Bulletin

Disease Outbreak Warnings Via Social Media Sought by US Bloomberg Business Week Yahoo Finance

Health agencies eyeing Twitter for early outbreak warnings

Early Outbreak Warnings Via Twitter Sought By U.S. Agencies
Washington Post

US health agencies seek early outbreak warnings via Twitter
Chicago Tribune

Cases of New Deadly Bird Flu Surge in China, Experts Say
New York Times

California flu deaths continue to climb
San Jose Mercury News

Is the Swine Flu Back and Wreaking Havoc?
Huffington Post Canada

Investigadores Medicos Confirman El Virus Mers En Un Camello

MERS link to camels opens pandoras box
Gulf News Dhaka24/7

World's first / Saudi camel owners also stained MERS virus
Yahoo News Taiwan  International Biosecurity Intelligence System

Clue to New Virus Is Found in Camel
Wall Street Journal

MERS Virus Is Found in Saudi Camel
Wall Street Journal  TopBreakingNews 24AllNews

Camels Linked To Spread of Fatal Virus
New York Times HealthDay US News & World Report Newsday Yahoo! Health MSN Healthy Living sparkpeople Summit Medical Group St Mary's Medical Center Athens Regional Health Center Sarah Bush Lincoln Hot News Gator Resurrection Health Care healthbanks Doctors Lounge RadioMD ramadan Allina Health intelihealth Consumer Healthday Philly Healthday Athens Regional radiomd Healthday Newsday Health nursing knowledge healthbanks greatlocalnews Las Vegas Winnipeg Free Press Doctors Lounge Health News Holland Hospital Atlantic Health System  USNews highlights health Allina Health Valley Health Barnes Jewish Hospital bluecrossMN greatlocalnews Los Angeles White Memorial Medical Center

Two Viruses Revealed In Mysterious Deaths Case

Novel coronavirus: the challenge of communicating about a virus which one knows little about 
EMHJ Vol 19 supplement

New bird flu case in Beijing adds unknowns to spread of virus (video)
CTV National News

A Tough Flu Season, Especially for the Elderly
New York Times geblok blacknewszone passfail

Flu season hitting elderly the hardest International Herald Tribune 

CDC: Flu Season 'Worse Than Average'
Houston Chronicle

Flu Season 'Worse Than Average" Officials Says
New York Times  mysanantonio ballsam embecity

Egypt's Real Crisis: The Dual Epidemics Quietly Ravaging Public Health
The Atlantic

Mutant Swine Flu?

Mutating swine flu virus might render vaccine useless

Swine Flu in UK Back Catching Young Victims Unawares
The Epoch Times

Swine flu in UK with Steve Gilmour
Talk Radio Europe

Vaccine factory takes shape - UPMC likely to bid on $1.2 billion project
Pittsburgh Business Journal

H1N1 virus mutation means no protection - swine flu vaccine ineffective against Ukraine flu outbreak
Philadelphia Examiner

Fatality in France - Swine flu virus a mixture of drug resistant & ling hemorrhaging H1N1 strains
Philadelphia Examiner

H1N1 D225G  mutation a reason of concern Part 2
Newark Examiner

H1N1 D225G mutation a reason of concern Part 1 Newark Examiner

Developer of flu monoclonal antibody provides information about Ukraine flu outbreak H1N1 mutations
Philadelphia Examiner

Bleeding lungs and Tamiflu-resistance-  Do H1N1 mutations make the vaccine less effective?
Philadelphia Examiner

Swine Flu Update Interview Nov 24

Norway and Ukraine: The same virulent H1N1 recalls 1918
Agora Vox

Demographic information for Ukraine fatalities linked to D225G receptor binding in H1N1 mutation
Philadelphia Examiner

H1N1 deaths may be underreported, but not because of mutation
Iowa Independent

D225G Swine flu mutation - Same receptor as 1918 Spanish flu pandemic found in Ukraine virus
Philadelphia Examiner

Signs that swine flu has peaked in US
New York Times The Gadsen Times Bandera News

Ukraine Sequence Update Interview Nov 18 PID Radio

"Total destruction" of lungs in H1N1 fatalities Daily Contributor

Mysterious flu in Ukraine intensify
Digital Journal

Ukraine Update Interview Nov 6 TalkRadioEurope

Ukraine Update Interiew Nov 5 KBOO

Ukraine Update Interview Nov 2 Rense

Swine flu vaccine arriving Oct 5 DelawareOnline CourierPostOnline

Obama Warns of Swine Flu Resurgence in Fall New York Times  Times Daily  StarNews

2009 Pandemic
One Radio Network

Swine Flu Doctors Fear Disease Is Out of Control As 300 New Cases Are Diagnosed Per Day

Swine flu: protecting yourself and your family
Philadelphia Examiner

W.H.O to re-write its pandemic rules
New York Times

Swine flu update
Radio Sandy Springs

Mordechai Trieger | A virus by any other name
Daily Pennsylvanian

Swine Flu Diagnosed at MPH
Crestline Courier

Media World: The naming of the flu
Daily Finance

Rhiza Labs and Recombinomics track the H1N1 swine flu pandemic

Will flu name change put pigs back in a good eye?

State officials: Pork won't spread "swine flu"
The Daily Reporter

Swine flu name change? Flu genes spell pig
Associated Press  KJCT8  Guardian

Virus's tangled genes straddle continents raising a mystery about its origins
New York Times

Maps of the swine flu outbreak - updated
Google Maps Mania

CNN on Niman's H1N1 map and why WHO has no map All Points Blog

Online swine flu map goes viral

Swine flu update
WABC-AM Sean Hannity Radio

To aid Mexico, Google expands flu tracking
New York Times

The benfits of live-blogging a news event
Globe and Mail

Mexico health chief optimistic swine  flu slowing blueridgenow

Front row seat for the apocalypse
UN Dispatch

Track swine flu via Google maps

"Swine flu" raises concerns over pig prices

Developing, documenting and sharing Dr Niman's H1N1 flu database
All Points Blog

Tracking the swine flu epidemic with maps & search
search engine land

Amateurs mapping swine flu with internet tools
the morning call

Pittsburgh-area researcher tracking swine flu online

Mapping the spread of swine flu

Google technology being used to track swine flu

Swine flu: panic, precaustion, and proportion

Twitter & swine flu: all noise no signal

Swine flu takes to Google maps

Swine flu on Google maps

Swine flu resources proliferate across the web
Government Technology

New Zealand added to Google swine flu map
National Business Review

Swine Flu Update
Coast to Coast Radio

Avian Flu Cases in Egypt Raise Alarms
New York Times

Flu fight gets a boost
Detroit News

Scientists find a new way of fighting the flu
Seattle Times

Flu virus discovery may bring all-purpose vaccine

Researchers engineer antibodies that protect against bird flu
Dallas Morning News

New antibodies could lead to stronger flu shot
San Francisco Chronicle

New antibodies may fight influenza
Desert News Pioneer Press

Discovery may propel fight against flu virus
Denver Post

Flu find may lead to treatment changes
Austin American Statesman

Have researchers found the flu's Achilles' heel?
International Herald Tribune

Antibodies Offer a New Path for Fighting Flu
New York Times

Infectious Disease Update - Tamiflu resistance and H5N1 in China

Fighting the Flu: Harder Than Ever?
The Women on the Web

Flu Found Resistant to Main Antiviral Drug
New York Times  International Herald Tribune  RockyMount Telegram  Daily Advance  Reflector Rutland Herald  Herald Tribune  seatlepi  IRN News  Palm Beach Post  Life Quest World  AARP Bulletin  Blue Cross Blue Shield Association El Dia  quilmespresente

Infectious Disease Update 
Audio   Radio Sandy Springs

Bird flu interview - The Night Before Kerrang! Radio

Bird flu still serious threat, scientists say
Montgomery Herald Farming UK

As bird flu mutates, scientists worry
Pioneer Press 

H5N1 Strain of avian flu continues to spread through Asia, Africa, Europe
The Triangle

Bird flu continues to mutate, deemed serious threat
Santa Fe New Mexican

Bird flu threat is growing, experts say

Bird flu continues to mutate rapidly
Charlotte Observer

Scientists say bird flu still a threat

Bird Flu Remains Dangerous As It Continues to Mutate
McClatchy Washington Bureau Yahoo  The Kansas City Star  Individual  Contra Costa Times  The Pitt News  Lexington Herald-Leader  Press & Dakotan  Lake Expo

Bird Flu Remains a Dangerous Threat 
red orbit

Infectious Disease Update
Audio Radio Sandy Springs

A Pandemic That Wasn't......  
Deccan Herald

A Pandemic That Wasn't but Might Be
NY Times  International Herald Tribune articlesmodern healthx blueridgenow

Avian flu pandemic still possible, experts say
Deseret Morning News

Bird Flu Found in North American Birds
Edwardsburg Argus  Niles Daily Star  Cassopolis Vigilant  Dawagiac Daily News

Scientists Hope Vigilance Stymies Avian Flu Mutations
NY Times
International Herald Tribune Tuscaloosa Times

Indonesia May Sell, Not Give, Bird Flu Virus to Scientists
NY Times
The Ledger

BILL ROBERTS: Still think bird flu is no big deal?
Las Vegas Review Journal

Preparing for a Pandemic
WTNH  Jocelyn Maminta Video

1 bird flu strain dominant, spreading Danger to humans no higher, study says
San Francisco Chronicle

New wave of bird flu in Asia traced to strain found in 2005
Baltimore Sun

Bird flu strain found in China dominates
Los Angeles Times

New wave of bird flu strain hits: humans so far still safe
Evansville Courier & Press

Immediate Treatment Needed for Bird Flu Treatment, Study Says
NY Times  Bangkok Post 

New data shows how bird flu quickly spreads

Recombinomics Presents Data and Analysis on Pandemic and Seasonal Influenza Evolution at Novel Vaccines Conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Genetic Engineering News PRNewswire Pharma Live  All Points Research  Medical Devices Dain Rauscher  Yahoo Finance KRON4 Dallas News 

WHO Is Looking Out For You?  Deception Dominates Bird Flu Releases
Court TV

Alaska is front line vs, avian influenza - Wildlife biologists take part in $29 million bird testing program 
USA Today

Another Death in Indonesia Deepens Bird Flu's Spread
NY Times
International Herald Tribune  

Independent researchers: are registered tens of cases of the transfer of "bird influenza" from the man to the man

Human bird flu transfer may be undercounted
International Herald Tribune

More bird flu deaths due to human transmission - Experts consider cases but say virus not yet pandemic
San Francisco Chronicle

Human Flu Transfers May Exceed Reports - Bird Virus Clusters Suggest More Chances of Passage Via People
NY Times
Free Internet Press  Herald Tribune  Spartanburg Herald Journal 

Grimmer picture of bird flu emerges
(abbreviated version of NY Tmes)  Houston Chronicle  Seattle Times  ProgressiveU 

Firm urges WHO to issue bird-flu sequences
United Press International

Recombinomics, Inc. Urges Release of All H5N1 Sequences from The World Health Organization's Private Database
PRNewswire Dallas Morning News PharmaLive  KRON 4  KVVU TV Yahoo Finance

Indonesian Bird Flu Cluster Interview
Lam Sen Australia Radio

Wild Animal Trade Plays A Role In Bird Flu Spread, Scientists Say
Bloomberg Update 1   Bloomberg

Indonesian Bird Flu Outbreak Raises Pandemic Fears Anew

H5N1 case may be first one to jump twice
International Herald Tribune

Bird Flu Case May Be First Double Jump
NY Times

Fear of ominous leap for bird flu - Fatal disease is suspected of making jump among several humans for the first time
SF Chronicle

Secretary Leavitt Deploys Tamiflu to Secret Asian Location
Court TV Crime Library

Update: Another Bird Flu Case in Indonesia
Food Consumer

Human-to-Human Transmission Unlikely in Indonesian Bird Flu Cases
Food Consumer

How Did Seven Family Members Get Infected With Bird Flu?
Medical News Today

Recombinomics, Inc. Urges Release of H5N1 Human Sequences from The World Health Organization's Private Database
PRNewswire Dallas Morning News PharmaLive  ADVFN  Yahoo Finance

Bird Flu Deaths in Indonesia Raise Concerns
NY Times  Austin-American Statesman Haber Saglik Spartanburg Herald

Bird Flu Deaths in Indonesia Worry Health Officials
NY Times

Bird Flu Defies Control Efforts
LA Times Newsday Sun Sentinal

A Bird Flu Watcher Develops A Following Through the Internet
Wall Street Journal

Recombinomics, Inc. Urges Release of H5N1 Avian Flu Sequences from The World Health Organization's Private Database
PRNewswire Yahoo Finance

Recombinomics, Inc Identifies American Sequences in H5N1 (Avian Flu) Virus
PRNewswire PharmaLive

Recombinomics Predicts a New Genetic Change in Avian Flu Virus
PRNewswire Yahoo Finance Genetic Engineering News

Bird Flu Interview
Lam Sen Australia Radio

Genetic Change in the H5N1 Virus Likely

Vaccine Maker Predicts A New Genetic Change In The H5N1 (Avian Flu) Virus
Medical News Today

Recombinomics Inc Predicts a New Genetic Change in the H5N1 (Avian Flu) Virus
PharmaLive PRNewswire Yahoo Finance

Recombinomics Inc. Predicts Important Genetic Change in the H5N1 (Avian Flu) Virus
PRNewswire skyscape

Pandemic's Box
San Diego Union Tribune

Turkish Outbreak

Bird Flu Threat to Great Britain
London Sun

Bird Flu In Turkey
Mega Channel, Greece

Bird Flu In Turkey Mega Channel, Istanbul

Bird Flu In Turkey Mega Channel, Greece

Bird Flu In Turkey
Kitty Pilgrim on CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight

Bird Flu In Turkey
Mega Channel, Istanbul

Bird Flu In Turkey
Kitty Pilgrim on CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight

The Bug Blogger
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

World braces for more bird flu in 2006
Agence France-Presse

Invisible Epidemic

Why is Canada not releasing H5 wild birds lab results?

Bird Flu In China
Kitty Pilgrim on CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight

Wild Bird Flu Interview
Geri Guidetti Audio (1st Hour)
 Audio (2nd Hour)

What Waits in the Wings?
Pittsburgh Tribune Review

President Bush's Bird Flu Plan
Kitty Pilgrim on CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight

Fox Chapel researcher says bird flu coming faster than expected
Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Virus expert questions amount of Canada's Tamiflu stockpiles

Bird Flu Interview
Pat Miles WCCO Radio

Virus isn't 'invading' Europe Arizona Republic

Black Vietnamese

Bird Flu Interview  Zoh Hieronimus WCBM Talk Radio

Bird Flu Interview
Mega Channel, Geece / Reuters TV

Experts warn of looming flu disaster National Review of Medicine

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