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Ukraine Fatalities Jump to 759 - Two Day Total 32
Recombinomics Commentary 05:20
January 3, 2010

3,789,200 Influenza / ARI

217,056 Hospitalized

759 Dead

The above numbers are the latest update from the Ukraine Ministry of Health and show 32 more fatalities in the past 2 days.  Reporting is typically lower over the weekend, so a rise of 12 on January 1 and 20 more on Saturday likely represents a rate similar to the one death per hour in the prior four days.  Once again the largest jump was in Donetks with a jump of 6 to 97.  In the upcoming week Donetks will likely pass Lviv for the oblast with the highest number of deaths which is at 102, but where deaths have only increased slight in the past several weeks. 

Eastern Ukraine is adjacent to Rostov-On-Dom, where cases have also been high. Recently released sequences from Novouralsk, also adjacent to Ukraine, matched the sub-clade circulating in western Ukraine, where deaths jumped significant two months ago.  Additional sequences indicate this sub-clade was circulating throughout European Russia and recent reports from Romania have cited a dramatic increase in deaths, including 15 in the past few days (see map).

The increase in deaths in Ukraine, and spread of the same sub-clade throughout eastern Russia raise concerns that this sub-clade will become more dominant in the upcoming weeks and may increase the severity of deaths in the northern hemisphere.

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