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Fujian H5 In Backyard Farm Near Benton City Washington
Recombinomics Commentary
January 3, 2015 03:15

The flock of approximately 150 birds includes domestic waterfowl with access to the outdoors. There is also a pond on the premises frequented by migratory birds.

The bird owner contacted WSDA after experiencing the loss of nearly 50 birds in the past week. The virus is similar to the virus found in a Washington captive gyrfalcon last month, although additional testing is being conducted to further identify the strain of the disease.

The above comments from the Washington State Department of Agriculture describe the confirmation of H5 HPAI on a backyard farm in Washington State (see H5N8 map).  Like the prior confirmations of H5 in backyard farms (in Winston, Oregon and Coghlan Heights, British Columbia, the current outbreak includes domestic waterfowl and a pond frequented by migratory birds.  All outbreaks involve Fujian clade H5, but the Coghlan Heights outbreak (see H5N2 map) involved H5N2, while Winston, Oregon was H5N8.

Although the serotype of the latest outbreak is unclear, it is farther east of the North American sites and signals a widening spread due to migratory birds.

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