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Hospitalization of More Suspect H5N1 Cases in Egypt

Recombinomics Commentary 08:38
January 4, 2008

Quite a few of the suspected infected by bird flu were received by Sadr Mansoura Hospital since yesterday, was detained seven citizens are: Mr. Alusivi from the village and they Aldnanic: Nima Mohammed Mahmoud Abdul Hamid, Abdulrahman Ali Bader and his son Abdulrahman Hamadi 13 years and Fatma Mohammed Saeed, Ibrahim Abdulaziz Nuha Mohammed Fathi, from the village of Ain pomegranate Bdkrns, after the death of a large number of birds in the vicinity of their residence and a rise in temperature.

The above translation is one of many describing the hospitalization of new suspect H5N1 cases throughout Egypt.  Although there have been no announcements of new confirmed cases, only a handful of cases have been declared negative (color coded yellow in updated satellite map).  The number of familial clusters also continues to rise (color coded purple), but no announcements have been made of the earlier familial clusters.

The number of bird flu outbreaks in poultry remains high, which may be contributing to the number of patients hospitalized.  The recent cases no doubt increased awareness, which may also be fueling the upsurge of hospitalizations.

Information on patients admitted several days ago would be useful to clarify the significance of the rising admissions.
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