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15 Suspect Bird Flu Cases in Mekong Delta Vietnam

Recombinomics Commentary
January 12, 2005

>>A 35-year-old woman from Vietnam's southern province of Tra Vinh was hospitalized on Tuesday due to being suspected of suffering bird flu, according to local newspaper Saigon Liberation on Wednesday.
    The woman named Nguyen Thi Muoi Hai was admitted to the Hospital of Tropical Diseases in Ho Chi Minh City with symptoms of high fever and lung infection, a fortnight after she killed and ate sick chicken.
    The patient, who needs respiratory assistance in the hospital, also lives in bird flu-hit area, said the paper.<<

The patient is Tra Vinh, also located in the Mekong Delta area.  She is the third reported patient from Tra Vinh.  Of the two earlier cases, one has been confirmed and has died while the other is in critical condition. 

The patient (35F) is the 15th reported confirmed or suspect case this season.  There are 4 confirmed cases and 11 suspect bird flu cases.
Of the 4 confirmed cases, 3 have died and one (18F) is in critical condition.  Her sister (15F) is among the 11 suspect cases.  All of the reported cases are from the Mekong Delta are and none of this seasons 15 avian influenza cases have recovered.

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