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Egypt H5N1 Recombines With Seasonal H1N1 H3N2 pH1N1
Recombinomics Commentary 23:30
January 13, 2012

St Jude has released full sequences (at Genbank) from four H5N1 avian isolates from Egypt.  The PB1 and/or PB2 sequences from three of the isolates (A/chicken/Egypt/Q1182/2010, A/chicken/Egypt/Q1185/2010, A/chicken/Egypt/Q1011/2010) have extensive regions of identity with seasonal H1N1, seasonal H3N2, or H1N1pdm09, raising serious concerns regarding sequences in internal genes from human H5N1 cases.

NAMRU-3 has not released any H5N1 sequences from any human case since March, 2010. 

Full sequences on human H5N1 should be generated and released as soon as possible. 

The recombination with human sequences seen in the avian isolates strongly suggests serious recombination in human H5N1 cases.

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