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65 Taiwan Farms With Suspect Fujian H5N8 & H5N2
Recombinomics Commentary
January 13, 2015 09:40

Domestic bird flu siren, waterfowl industry is facing the most serious outbreak of bird flu over the years, anti-seizure Bureau today (13) announced the latest test results, Yunlin and Chiayi diagnosed then add 11 games goose games, Taiwan estimated to cause 270,000 goose loss; in addition, the submission of new cases and 27 field sampling Bulletin, Taoyuan and Kaohsiung City also received a suspected outbreak, Tainan add a chicken farm, a total of 65 games in Taiwan seven counties abnormal mortality epidemic outbreak.

According to the Bureau of Statistics to anti-seizure ended today 11:00, 11 new confirmed again today goose games, including seven new Yunlin County, Chiayi County, two games, two games in Pingtung County; COA confirmed that this wave of bird flu Waterfowl the first time the most serious outbreak, Taiwan has had 20 confirmed cases of the field is expected to affect 270,000 geese production.

COA noted diagnosed games in 14 games for the new H5N2 subtype avian influenza, six games for the H5N8 subtype of avian influenza

The above translation highlights the dramatic spread of H5N2 and H5N8 in Taiwan where the number of suspect farms has increased from 38 to 65 and the number of confirmed farms has increased from 9 to 20 in one day.  These increases support media reports stating that initial cases may have been noted as early as October, but was being unsuccessfully managed in farms which failed to report unusual deaths or dramatic drops in egg production.

Moreover, the report of suspect deaths on a chicken farm raises concerns of another dramatic jump in affected farms due to the appearance of Fujian H5 in chicken farms.  The new locations cited above suggest the geographic reach will soon encompass all of the western provinces with devastating effects.

The earlier start of the outbreak and the dramatic spread raise serious surveillance concerns for Taiwan as well as neighboring locations including Fujian and Guangdong Province including spread to Hong Kong via trade and/or migratory birds.

More detail on confirmed cases including sequences from H5N8 and H5N2 would be useful.

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