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Bird Flu Spread to Northern Vietnam

Recombinomics Commentary
January 14, 2005

>>The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development's Veterinary Department on Friday reported 10 new outbreaks of avian flu in four provinces on Thursday, bringing the number of infected provinces and cities to 13, including Ha Noi and northern Ha Nam province.
 At a duck and a chicken farm in Long Bien district of Ha Noi, 200 geese and 400 chickens died from suspected bird flu. Relevant agencies are waiting for results of test from poultry samples.
 The H5 virus was detected in samples of more than 100 geese in Ly Nhan district of Ha Nam province<<

The above observations indicate bird flu has spread to the northern provinces of Vietnam.  This progress of bird infections is similar to last season, although the reported human infections began in the north in December, 2003.

The number of reported cases continues to expand at a rapid pace this month.  It seems likely that new human cases will soon appear in the northern provinces also.  H5N1 avian influenza has become endemic to Vietnam and spread to neighboring countries seems likely.
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