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Colorado Confirms Third and Fourth Pediatric Flu Deaths
Recombinomics Commentary 22:15
January 16, 2013

Two additional pediatric deaths were reported (one each from Denver County and El Paso County).

Two confirmed pediatric deaths associated with influenza have been reported (one each from Denver County and Jefferson County), occurring between mid-November and mid-December.
Both children were infected with influenza B; were < age 3; and one had underlying health conditions.

The above comments from the Colorado week 2 report (in red) describe the confirmation of the third and fourth Colorado pediatric death this season.  The additional comments (in blue) are from the week 50 report, which describe the confirmation of the first two pediatric deaths in Colorado.  None of these cases have been reported in the CDC FluView (see table below) or the reportable disease page of the CDC MMWR.

The 3rd and 4th cases are recently reported, and may appear in the week 2 FluView and MMWR.  However, the reasons for the delay in the reporting of the 2012 cases remains unclear.  The CDC FluView usually reports the serotype of the pediatric deaths, and places the cases in the appropriate week.  Thus, it appears that the necessary data for reporting these cases in FluView was known in week 50, but neither case has been reported to date.

As seen in the list below, the 21 cases not reported in the FluView exceeds the 20 cases that have been reported.

Updating the week 2 FluView with the cases already reported in state weekly reports would be useful.

FluView pediatric cases
Wk   #    Location

01    2    KS TX
52    2    MI NY
51    8    AR FL ME MI(2) TX WA WI
50    2    NJ
49    1    TX
48    3    IN FL SC
46    1    TX
41    1    TN

Pediatric deaths not in FluView
02   10   MA* NE NY* TX* TX* OH* OH CO* CO* DE*
01    7    MI* MN* NE* NY* PA* SC* TX*
52    1    IN*
50    2    CO*  CO*
48    1    OH

* = Lab Confimed

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