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New Haven Coronaviruses Related to NL63 SARS Recombinant

Recombinomics Commentary
January 19, 2005

>>They found 79 of them, or nine percent, had the New Haven coronavirus. Symptoms included fever, cough, runny nose, rapid breathing, abnormal breath sounds, and low blood oxygen levels.

And 11 babies infected with the new coronavirus were newborns in intensive care units.

The Yale team found genetic evidence of the virus in respiratory secretions taken from an infant with classic signs of Kawasaki disease.

They analysed respiratory secretions from 11 children diagnosed with Kawasaki disease and 22 children without the disease. Eight of the 11 Kawasaki patients tested positive for the New Haven coronavirus but just one child without Kawasaki symptoms tested positive.<<

Virus was isolated from the patients described above. Although the sequences are not yet accessible at GenBank (accession numbers AY870943-AY871008) a phylogenetic analysis on 9 representative 126 bp amplicons of the replicase 1a gene indicated that the isolates were closely related to NL63,  NH273 was identical and NH76 was closely related as were the other isolates (NH342, NH260, NH409, NH517, NH640, NH768, NH1096).  Most of the polymorphisms were synonymous.  The polymorphisms were not seen in the NL63.

Detection of the coronaviruses (CoV) followed a seasonal pattern.  The peak months for detection were January and February.   Based on the homology with NL63, these novel human CoVs are also recombinants.

The newly discovered human CoVs related to class 1 CoV, NL63, or class 2 CoV, HKU1, indicate these recombinant SARS-related CoVs are associated with a widening spectrum of human respiratory diseases.

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