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Accelerating Bird Flu Spread in Vietnam Continues

Recombinomics Commentary
January 20, 2005

>> So far, bird disease has recurred in 179 communes in 69 districts. As many as 331,000 infected chickens have been culled.<<

The spread of bird flu in Vietnam continues to accelerate.  The number of communes after was reported as 25 on Jan 7.   The number jumped to 112 on Jan 17 to 160 yesterday and 179 today.  The same type of increases was seen for poultry killed or culled this month.  The number was 130,000 on Jan 12, jumped to 254,000 on Jan 17, 296,000 yesterday, and 341,000 today.

It seems likely that the dramatic increase in Vietnam will soon be reported for other countries in the area.  Increases in Thailand are beginning to be reported.  Although there have been no recent reports out of Cambodia or Laos, their proximity to Vietnam and Thailand would suggest that the number of infections are increasing there also.

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