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Ukraine Dead Top 1000 - Donetsk Fatalities Grow
Recombinomics Commentary 12:49
January 20, 2010

4,324,282 Influenza/ARI

256,941 Hospitalized

1005 Dead

The updated numbers from the Ukraine Ministry of Health website indicates the number dead have now topped 1000.  The 1005 fatalities reported on Tuesday is 9 higher than Monday's total, with 153 in Donetsk (see map), which is 5 higher than the previous day.  Alrhough the infection rate in Dontsk is below the epidemic threshold, the continuing increase in fatalities raises concerns that H1N1 with D225G/N in Ukraine is becoming more common.

An earlier isolate from Ukraine with D225G was classified as a low reactor, indicating the ferrent reference anti-sera produced a titer at least 4 four lower than the vaccine.  This reduced titer raises concerns that D225G will offer a selective advantage in a population developing protective antibodies.  The decline in cases across the Ukraine increases those concerns because the reduction in wild type receptors reduces the competing viral genomes. The 153 deaths in Donetsk is 50% higher than the second highest Oblast (Lviv with 103 deaths), which increases concerns of fatal variants in eastern Ukraine, along the border with Russia.

More information on deaths on the Russian side of the border would be useful.

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