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The Pseudoscience and Pseudonature H5N1 Health Hazard
Recombinomics Commentary 04:00
January 20, 2012

Individual mutations are already found in wild viruses, though none yet has all the mutations required for human-to-human transmission, Maryland's Perez said in an interview.

"But it is not hard to imagine that nature will eventually find a way to do that. It's not a question of if, but when," he said.

The above comments acknowledge that the five censored H5N1 changes are already circulating.  Moreover, H5N1 doesn’t read Nature or Science, although the folly of the censors is read for comic relief. 

The censoring of the data is ill conceived, and the willingness of Nature and Science to censor this important information a clear health hazard, since these changes are widespread and multiple labs have H5N1 combinations of polymorphisms that are one to three changes shy of efficient transmission.

H5N1 is constantly recombining and individual polymorphisms continue to jump from one genetic background to another.  The labs being censored have already describe most, if not all, of the receptor binding domain changes in earlier publications, and the specific five changes will leak out sooner rather than later. 

The failure of Nature and Science to resists the ill informed requests for censorship signals a major lack of understanding of evolution at the most basic level, and the actions of the two leading scientific journals will not be favorably viewed in the not too distant future.

Nature and Science have clearly lost sight of their role in the advancement of science and should seriously consider renaming themselves as Pseudonature and Pseudoscience to accurately reflect their content.

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