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Another H5N1 Confirmed Case in Guizhou China
Recombinomics Commentary 08:47
January 25, 2009

Zhou patients, male, 29 years old, now living yunyan District of Guiyang City. Patients January 15, 2009 the disease, the same day that is going to Provincial People's Hospital for treatment, it is in a critical condition,

The above translation from the Minstry of Health website describes the second confirmed H5N1 case in Guizhou (see updated map).  The earlier case (16M), a student from Qiandongnan had been transferred to Hunan in critical condition, died January 20.  The status of eight contacts who had been quarantined has not been released.

Similarly, the details on exposure and contacts in this case are unclear.  Guizhou is adjacent to Hunan, where another confirmed case (2F) was infected by her mother, who died of pneumonia, but was not H5N1 tested.  The status of two relatives in Shanxi, who were reported to have been hospitalized, also is unclear.

However, the number of confirmed cases in China in the past month is six, raising concerns that infections are linked to asymptomatic poultry that may be infected with clade 7, as confirmed in Jiangsu outbreaks last month.  These outbreaks involved asymptomatic poultry identified through routine surveillance, and are the only H5N1 confirmed outbreaks reported by China in recent months.

More details on the latest case and contacts wold be useful.

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