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Fatal Suspect H5N1 Case In Cengkareng Indonesia
Recombinomics Commentary 14:15
January 25, 2012

Now, allegations of similar cases are also found in West Jakarta, where a boy aged three years initials RV, a resident of RT 15/07 Cengkarengtimur Village, District Cengkareng , died on Monday (23 / 1) around 06.00 after previous intensive care at Friendship Hospital, East Jakarta.

Regarding the victim's body is covered a coffin and not allowed to open, say Parwathi, it was according to the procedure as a form of anticipation of the hospital for suspected cases of bird flu. Despite the negative results of bird flu, disclosed Parwathi,

The above translation describes the death of a suspect H5N1 case (3M) in Cengkareng, Indonesia, which is adjacent to Tangerang, where another suspect H5N1 case (18M) also died after testing negative for H5N1.  These two cases had bird flu symptoms and were buried in a sealed coffin, which is customary for H5N1 cases.

The failure to detect H5N1 in these two fatal cases in adjacent areas on the west side of Jakarta is in addition to the suspect case in Bekasi, on the east side of Jakarta, as well as the confirmed cluster in North Jakarta, where the second case initially tested negative for H5N1.

These five cases in the Jakarta area raise concerns that H5N1 is being more efficiently transmitted as it evolves away from the sequences being used in the H5N1 PCR test.

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