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Over 800,000 Poultry Culled in Vietnam This Month

Recombinomics Commentary
January 28, 2005

>> On Jan. 27, bird flu was found in 17 more sites in 13 communes of 11 districts in southern Bac Lieu, Long An, Ben Tre provinces and Can Tho city, and northern Hai Duong province, according to the Veterinary Department.

The Veterinary Department under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) said that a total of 3,320 chickens, 4,471 ducks and geese and 2,530 quails had been culled in these localities.
 Since the beginning of this year, bird flu has broken out in 579 spots in 304 communes of 109 districts in 28 provinces and cities across the country, with a total of 213,486 chickens, 253,549 ducks and geese, and 361,570 quails having been culled. <<

The numbers listed above demonstrate that the number of bird flu localities and birds that have died or been culled continues to rise. The number of communes affected was reported as 25 on Jan 7.   The number jumped to 112 on Jan17, to 160 on Jan 19, to 179 on Jan 20, to 232 on Jan 22, to 304 on Jan 27.  The number of spots has jumped from 404 on Jan 23 to 579 on Jan 27. 

The same type of increase was seen for poultry killed or culled this month.  The number was 130,000 on Jan 12, jumped to 254,000 on Jan 17, 296,000 on Jan 19, 504,000 on Jan 22, 557,600 on Jan 23, and 828,605 on Jan 27.

The number of confirmed cases and clusters of confirmed or suspected H5N1 avian influenza cases continue to increase also.

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