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Bird Flu Case Clusters in Vietnam - Report 5

Recombinomics Commentary
January 29, 2005

Two new clusters added based on earlier report of Phu Tho patient admitted prior to Jan 20 who was in critical condition and two suspect patients from Dong Nai admitted Jan 20.

Updated information is in red.

Phu Tho Cluster
Index case,  Nguyen Xuan Dai, 32M, confirmed fatality admitted Jan 22 to Bach Mai Hospital in Hanoi, died Jan 27 with no known bird contact.  Relationship to patient from Phu Tho admitted prior to Jan 20 and in critical condition is unknown.

Dong Nai Cluster
Two patients (35, 27) admitted Jan 20.  Relationship, gender, condition unknown.

Three Brother Cluster in Hanoi area:
Index case, Nguyen Huu Viet, 47M, is a confirmed fatality, died Jan 9 - onset date Dec 26.  Brother, Nguyen, Thanh Hung, 42M, confirmed recovering case.  Onset date Jan 10, possible discharge Jan 28.  Younger brother from Thai Bihn has no symptoms.  Reported H5N1 positive by media. WHO has not confirmed. 2 year old child of index case died before Dec 25, 2004.  No information on gender or cause of death. Dec 25 raw duck, blood pudding meal not within 2-10 days of onset of symptoms for any members in cluster.

Dong Thap Cluster
Index case, Mai Thi Truc Li, 35F, developed symptoms Jan 14 admitted to local Dong Thap hospital Jan 14.  Transferred to HCM City Jan 21 and died within hours of transfer.  Confirmed, with multiple possible sources of infection (bath, swim, chicken slaughter).  Daughter, 13F, developed     symptoms Jan 20, hospitalized Jan 22.  Confirmed and died Jan28 (reported helped with chicken slaughter).  No reported relationships to confirmed death (6M) on Dec 30, 2004 of boy from Dong Thap or first confirmed case (16F).  She reportedly bought duck in Dong Thap before vsiting her uncle in Tay Ninh where she developed symptoms on Dec 16 and  died Jan 8.

Bac Lieu Cluster
Index case Bui Tan Tai, 17M confirmed fatality admitted Jan 10, died Jan 15.  Sister (22F) in critical condition.  From Phuoc Long district.

Long An Cluster
Index case  Vo Thi Ngoan, 10F.  Confirmed case developed   symptoms     Jan 13, admitted Jan 20. In critical condition in HCM City.  Relationship to suspect fatality (39F) who died Jan 22 in Long An is unknown.

Tien Giang Cluster
Index case, 18F, confirmed fatality admitted Jan 3 and died Jan 18.  Sister, 15F, initially reported as hospitalized in stable condition.  Subsequent media reports indicated sister had no symptoms.  Relationship to 65M suspect case from Tien Giang is unknown.

Tra Vinh Cluster
Index case, 35F, died Jan 18 after being hired to dispose of dead poultry.  Relationship to other Tra Vinh cases including confirmed Jan 4 fatality (9M) following swim, or suspect case (14M) admitted Jan 16 in critical condition, is unknown.

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