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Canada Geese Falling Out of the Sky in Oregon

Recombinomics Commentary
February 4, 2005

>> Geese are literally falling from the sky in and around Keizer, and wildlife experts don't know why.

About 150 Canada geese were found dead Friday at a private pond off
Wheatland Road owned by Morse Bros. Rock Products in rural Marion
County.  30 or so other dead birds were discovered 3 months ago near Staats Lake, a private lake in Keizer….

Wildlife officials said that in recent weeks, large numbers of dead geese
also have been found in Monmouth and McMinnville. They don't know if the incidents are related….

There are a number of possibilities here, including Avian cholera <<

All three areas (Keizer, Manmouth, and McMinnville) are in the vicinity of Salem Oregon.  Since the geese have been dying over an extended time period and extended region, infectious disease can't be ruled out.  Canada geese falling out of the sky sounds remarkably like the pigeons falling out of the sky in Thailand and the suggestion of avian cholera sounds like the dead ducks in Vietnam

The areas of the dead geese are relatively close to Vancouver, Canada, where there was an outbreak of H7N3 avian influenza last season. 

It's now a new season with new sequences, so bird flu is a definite consideration.

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