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Bird Flu Detected in Kandal Province Cambodia

Recombinomics Commentary
February 6, 2005

>> Cambodian official on Sunday confirmed a new bird flu outbreak in Kandal province, about 12 km south form the capital Phnom Penh, raising the fears of the spread of the deadly virus in Cambodia….

More than 100 chickens there were already culled and the official from the government and the World Health Organization (WHO )hurriedly went there to take measures, he added. <<

Finding H5N1 chickens in Kandal province is not surprising.  The last OIE report submitted by Cambodia was for a period ending September 22, 2004 for Veal Sbove in the Kean Svay district of Kandal province found 4,200 dead birds in flocks of 4,560 birds.

Other areas, such as Kompot Province where there were two bird flu fatalities (one laboratory confirmed), would be additional areas where other infections, bird and human, would be expected.

Initial comments by officials indicating infections in Kompot Province had not been found, raises questions about the quality of the surveillance systems, both in Kompot as well as neighboring Ha Tien in Kien Giang. There were reports of frequent border crossings by Cambodians seeking medical treatment in Vietnam for flu-like conditions.

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