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US Week 5 Pneumonia & Influenza  Death Rate Is 9.0%
Recombinomics Commentary 21:00
February 7, 2013

Week 4 P&I Graph

Tomorrow’s week 5 FluView will report a Pneumonia and Influenza (P&I) Death Rate of 9.0%, which is 0.4% lower than week 4, which was 0.4% below the peak of 9.8% in week 3.  As seen in the above week 4 graph, the week 5 rate of 9.0% is still 1.5% above the epidemic threshold.  It represents the fourth week in a row when the rate was at least 1 % above the epidemic threshold, and the third week in a row when the rate was 9% or higher.

This high level has produce a list of 26 cities which reported at least 10 P&I and a death rate of at least 10% as seen in the week 5 list below.  Once again the Pacific region has the highest rate (14.9%), led by the 47 death in Los Angeles which produced at rate of 19.9%.  The high rates in the west contributed to the list of 14 pediatric deaths reported in week 5.  The pediatric deaths are a trailing indicator, and the 14 deaths in week 5 represent the highest number reported this season.


Cities (26)
Worchester MA 21.3%
Los Angeles 19.9%
Rockford IL 18.8%
Tulsa OK 16.7%
Knoxville TN 16.4%
Fort Wayne IN 16.3%
Des Moines IA 15.2%
Grand Rapids MI 14.9%
Wichita KS 14.4%
San Francisco CA 12.9%
Salt Lake City UT 12.5%
Fresno CA 12.2%
Kansas City MO 12.2%
Charlotte NC 12.1%
Chattanooga TN 11.9%
Honolulu HI 11.5%
San Diego CA 11.4%
Baltimore MD 11.4%
Sacramento CA 11.4%
Washington DC 10.9%
Indianapolis IN 10.8%
San Jose CA 10.5%
Milwaukee WI 10.5%
Rochester NY 10.2%
Memphis TN 10.0%
San Antonio TX 10.0%

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