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Fujian H5N1 In Backyard Farm In Chilliwack British Columbia
Recombinomics Commentary
February 7, 2015 23:45

The CFIA has confirmed the presence of a high pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza virus on a non-commercial farm in Chilliwack, BC

Industry Update Feb 4 2015

· NC02 - a backyard laying hen flock in the 46000 block of Prairie Central Road in Chilliwack has tested positive for H5. There are two broiler operations within 1 km of this farm.

The above comments (in red) cite the serotype of Fujian (clade H5 at a small backyard farm in eastern Chilliwack.  This outbreak was mentioned at a local poultry club on February 4, as well as an e-mail by BC Poultry Emergency Response Group (in blue above), which has more detail than the CFIA report.The CFIA press release notes the detection of H5N1 in the United States, but does not say if the H5N1 in Fraser Valley matches the constellation in the US, which has 4 H5N8 gene segments (PB2, H5, NP, MP) said to be >99% identical to A/gyrfalcon/WA/41088/2014 and 4 segments (PB1, PA, N8, NS) matching North American wild birds.

The detection of H5N1 in Canada was not unexpected, since the US isolate from a hunter killed American Green-winged Teal near Sumas (see map) in Whatcom County, Washington, which is a few miles from the Canadian border.Dramatic increases in H5N2 (see map) and H5N8 (see map) detections in wild birds in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada, and Utah with a concentration in Washington and Oregon, suggest more infections in Canada in the near term are likely.

Release of sequences from H5N1, H5N2, and H5N8 in the United States as well as H5N1 in Canada, including initial comments on the Canadian H5N1 constellation and the similarities / identities with the sequences from the Fraser Valley index farm, A/turkey/BC/FAV10/2014, would be useful.

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