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South Dakota trH1N2 Swine Reassortants Raise Concerns
Recombinomics Commentary 15:50
February 11, 2011

South Dakota State University has released HA, NA, and MP sequences from three recent H1N2 swine reassortants (collected in November and December, 28, 2010). The sequences (A/swine/South Dakota/2/2010, A/swine/South Dakota/3/2010, and A/swine/South Dakota/4/2010) are related to each other, and the NA sequences are closely related to the human trH3N2 from Pennsylvania, A/Pennsylvania/14/2010.

However, the MP sequences are related to pH1N1 sequences indicating the isolates are reassortants and may have the constellation seen in the H1N2 reassortant in Argentina, which had 6 internal genes from pH1N1.
Like the Argentina isolate, all three isolates in South Dakota have human external genes from seasonal H1N2 circulating in 2003.  Thus, all known genes can be traced to humans and therefore may be good candidates for human transmission.  Indeed the NA genes are almost identical to the NA gene in the human trH3N2 isolate from Pennsylvania, A/Pennsylvania/14/2010, which has PB1 E618D, which is also found in virtually all pH1N1 isolates.
Thus, the three isolates in South Dakota represent additional isolates which may jump to humans, creating swine origin trH1N2, in addition to trH3N2 seen five times in humans in 2010 (and twice in 2009).
Release of sequences from the other five gene segments would be useful.  It is likely that all five will also be from pH1N1.

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