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New Bird Flu Outbreaks in Vietnam

Recombinomics Commentary
February 15, 2005

>> According to the Veterinary Department under the Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry, the bird flu recurred in an additional 16 sites in 12 communes in northern Hai Phong city, and southern Long An and Bac Lieu provinces on Feb. 14.  <<

Although some provinces have not had bird flu reports in 3 weeks, H5N1 continues to reappear in spite of extensive culling.  The virus is endemic, and new reports seem to come in clusters, which may reflect local weather or transportation events.

There have been no new reports of human case in Vietnam, although the final status of many patients reported earlier have not been reported including the sister (22F) of the confirmed 17 year old fatality (January 15) from the Phuoc Lang district of Bac Lieu.

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