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Bird Flu in Kampot Cambodia

Recombinomics Commentary
February 16, 2005

>>  Currently, bird flu is developing in a complicated manner in Kampot province's Konpontrach district, which borders Kien Giang's Ha Tien town and Kien Luong district. Konpontrach has reported of the death of two H5N1-infected patients. <<

It is not clear if a "complicated manner" refers to H5N1 transmission to or between patients.  The latest OIE report from Cambodia is dated September 22, 2004 and does not include Kampot Province. 

Recently, there was one confirmed H5N1 fatality.  The patient's brother had also died, and although he probably was infected with H5N1, there were no specimens collected and his case was not officially confirmed.  It is unclear if the "death of two H5N1-infected patients" refers to the brother and sister.  The sister died in Vietnam.

More details on the two deaths as well as the "complicated manner" of bird flu development would be useful.

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