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Indonesia Issues Beta Coronavirus Umrah Alert
Recombinomics Commentary 19:00
February 16, 2013

The Hajj and Umrah pilgrims asked to guard against virus attacks corona in the Holy Land.

According to Tjandra, it would need to pass that the people of Indonesia wary of corona virus, since Friday morning he had received notification from the International Health Regulations (IHR) WHO, that there are Arabs who attacked the virus and is currently being treated at one of the saki in London.

The above translation describes warning being issued in Indonesia due to the IHR notification of the case in the UK who developed symptoms while performing Umrah in Saudi Arabia.  The novel cornavirus was exported to the UK, where two family members were infected.

The transport of the virus by a visitor has striking parallels with the spread of the SARS CoV in February of 2003 when a physician treating patients in Guangdong Province traveled to Hong Kong for a wedding.  He stayed in room 911 at the Metropole Hotel and infected a number of visitors and tourists who then carried the virus to relatives and health care workers In Hong Kong, Singapore, Hanoi, and Toronto.

The current export is on a smaller scale and to date only two family members in the UK have been confirmed.  Since the family members have not recently traveled outside of the UK, their infection is tightly linked to the father (60M) who is currently on life support (ECMO machine).  His son is hospitalized, while the second family member is self quarantined at home after recovery from a mild course.  Other family members and health care workers are being monitored.

In addition to the recent cluster, another confirmed case (49M) remains hospitalized.  He too developed symptoms while performing Umrah in Saudi Arabia.  However his symptoms subsided, but reappeared in Qatar.  His condition deteriorated and he was transported by air ambulance to the UK, where he has been hospitalized for 5 months.  No cases linked to this patient have been confirmed, but health care workers who had contact with this patients developed mild symptoms and were also self quarantined.  However, none of these cases were lab confirmed.

There have been five other confirmed cases from Saudi Arabia.  The first case (60M) was fatal and was treated in Jeddah, which is adjacent to Mecca.  The other four cases were from Riyadh.  One was a gym teacher (45M) who recovered.  However the other three were from a four person familial cluster.  The novel coronavirus was confirmed in three family members including fatal infections in the father (70M) and one of his sons (39M).  The other two family members recovered.  One (31M) was lab confirmed, while the other tested negative and was classified as a probable case.

The export of the virus via the recent index case raises concerns that the number of cases in Saudi Arabia is markedly higher than the confirmed or probable cases, and the warning to Indonesians planning to travel to Saudi Arabia for Umrah or the Hajj, is linked to the IHR notification associated with the latest case.

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