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Suspect H5N1 Patient in Nigeria Dies

Recombinomics Commentary

February 22, 2006

four patients with respiratory symptoms and a history of exposure to diseased poultry have been investigated for possible infection. This number includes a woman who died of an acute respiratory illness on 16 February. The three remaining patients are all in good condition.

The above comments from the WHO update on Nigeria indicate a suspected bird flu patient has died.  Evidence is also accumulating for one or more fatalities in India also.  India appears to now have 14 H5N1 positive patients suggesting the number of countries reporting human fatalities may be up to four in 2006 (Turkey, Iraq, Nigeria, India).

These fatalities suggest more fatalities will be recorded in the near term because many countries in Africa have yet to report H5N1 cases in birds.  The same can be said for countries neighboring India or Iraq / Turkey.

The dramatic expansion of H5N1 in poultry and people is cause for concern as are reports of dead dogs and cats.


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