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HPIV-2 In UK Beta2c Coronavirus Contacts
Recombinomics Commentary 23:45
March 15, 2013

In a nose and throat swab taken on 10 February, nCoV and type 2 parainfluenza virus were detected.

She tested positive for nCoV on a single sputum sample taken on 13 February and positive for type 2 parainfluenza virus on a nose and throat swab taken on 15 February.
The above comments from a Eurosurveillance paper on the UK nCoV cluster describe the detection of HPIV-2 (human type 2 parainfluenza virus) in the son (39M) of the UK index case (in red) who died, as well as the sister (30F) of the index case (in blue), who recovered without medical attention or hospitalization.  The index case was also co-infected (with H1N1pdm09), raising concerns that many nCoV will be misdiagnosed based on detection of the co-infecting agent. 

The index case was initially diagnosed as an H1N1pdm09 case, but a failure to respond to treatment and a travel history that included Umrah at Mecca and Medina (which was also true for the first confirmed nCoV case, 49M, in the UK), led to further tests that detected the nCoV. 

Similarly the nCoV was detected in contacts because of the detection of nCoV in the index case.

The co-infecting agents however, may offer insight into infections in symptomatic contacts, who tested negative for nCoV, but positive for HPIV-2, which was also seen in the nose and throat swab of the mild nCoV case (which supports the low concentration of nCoV in samples from the upper respiratory tracr). 

Sequencing of HPIV-2 in the two nCoV confirmed cases, as well as the HPIV-2 confirmed contacts (who were nCoV negative) would be useful.

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