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Soldiers Hospitalized in Kutaisi Georgia With H5N1 Symptoms 

Recombinomics Commentary

March 16, 2006

Three soldiers were taken to Davit Aghmashenebeli Church Hospital of Kutaisi, to the department of intensive therapy on March 17.
They are the soldiers of the subdivision under the Defence Ministry, dislocated in Kutaisi, Imereti region, western Georgia. The diagnosis of Rodani Chachanidze, Giorgi Gamezardashvili and Nikoloz Narchemashvili is the acute respiratory infection with pneumonia. They were brought to the stationary hospital with the nasal bleeding.

InterpressNews was informed that another 19 soldiers are ill with the similar symptoms but they have no acute forms of the disease like the their abovementioned colleagues.

The above comments on three soldiers with H5N1 bird flu symptoms in Georgia is cause for concern.  Kutaisi is near Tbilisi, where two school children died.  It is also within 200 miles of Azerbaijan, as well as eastern
Turkey, where confirmed H5N1 patients have also died.

Acute respiratory symptoms with pneumonia and nose bleeding are H5N1 bird flu symptoms.  Lab results and an update on the condition of the soldiers with mild and severe symptoms would be useful.

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