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Has 3-DCR NYC HIV Transmitted to Connecticut?

Recombinomics Commentary
March 18, 2005

>> A Norwalk doctor says one of his AIDS patients, a Connecticut resident, may be linked to a New York City man who was diagnosed last month with a new drug-resistant, fast-acting strain of the HIV virus, what he calls a "superinfection."

Dr. Gary Blick said that, in a preliminary study, he found epidemiological and genetic links between the virus strains infecting both men.

He also said the men, who were both already HIV-positive, apparently had sex with each other.  <<

The finding that the NYC patient with 3-DCR NYC had sex with the Connecticut patient who is infected with 3-DCR CT is cause for concern.  Both men have an HIV infection that is resistant to almost all FDA approved anti-HIV drugs.  The 2004 fall encounter is consistent with earlier reports of possible 3-DCR NYC transmission to multiple partners.  Without more details on the history of 3-DCR CT, it is not clear if the transmission happened in the fall of 2004 or who transmitted to whom.  The genetic and epidemiological evidence present thus far however, is consistent with a transmission in the fall.

A transmission in the fall matches the other 3-DCR isolate described last month.  Initially that isolate was thought to have been from a San Diego resident, but later reports indicated the initial data was in error.  It is not clear if 3-DCR CT is 3-DCR XSD, but clearly 3-DCR in two patients who had sexual contact is cause for concern.

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