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Most Mild Beta2c Coronavirus Cases In Jeddah KSA
Recombinomics Commentary 19:30
March 24, 2013

The Ministry of Health has announced more than once that SARS is under control, and it looked like a normal flu, and that most of these cases were in the city of Jeddah. explained Health Minister Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabiah, in an earlier statement that the virus "Corona" under control, pointing out that "disease transient and not cause for concern and a threat to the pilgrims. "
The above translation, indicating that nCoV is widespread in Saudi Arabia (KSA) , but concentrated in Jeddah, signals a significant spread of mild cases.  The comments by the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia are much like the comments by China in early 2003 regarding SARS-CoV in Guangdong Province.

The KSA MoH are being widely reported in local media and Jordan has expressed concerns over spill over by 4000 expected pilgrims crossing from Saudi Arabia to Jordan.  KSA is maintaining that these cases are mild and patients are recovering without treatment.  The time frame for nCoV (accelerating in mid-March) matches the SARS-CoV expansion in 2003.

WHO has launched a twitter propaganda campaign to call nCoV a "cold virus" and is reporting 9 deaths, even though the index case for the UK cluster died on Tuesday (increasing the death toll to 10). 

Moreover, media reports note that his daughter accompanied him to Mecca in January, suggesting that she was nCoV positive and the source of the confirmed cases in the UK (representing export of nCoV from KSA to the UK by two residents who performed Umrah in 2013.

WHO’s silence on these mild cases continues to be hazardous to the world’s health.

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