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Seventh Health Care Worker in Angola Dies from Marburg Virus

Recombinomics Commentary
March 25, 2005

>>  A 15-year-old boy, an Italian aid worker and a Vietnamese doctor - had died in Luanda, health officials said, according to the Portuguese news agency Lusa. Two other cases of the Marburg illness were detected in Luanda.  <<

The report linked below  indicates that the number of health care worker deaths in Angola has risen to seven.  On Tuesday two nurses died, raising the number of nurses who died in the last week to five.

Yesterday the death of the Italian pediatrician in Luanda was reported.  Today the death of the Vietnamese doctor in Luanda was reported.  Reports indicate a third doctor from Angola is infected.

Since all five of the patients in Luanda had come from Uige, potential spread of the virus during travel from Uige to Luanda is a concern.  Officials are testing family members and contacts to help bring the spread of the Marburg virus under control.  Airports in Portugal have gone on alert for passengers arriving from Angola.

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