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H1N1 Death Clusters Spread Throughout Chihuahua Mexico
Recombinomics Commentary 00:55
March 25, 2011

Duarte Jaquez said that of the 15 cases it is known, eight occurred in Ciudad Juárez - apparently one of which ended in death, "six in the state capital, and another in Cuauhtemoc, thus extending the measures the entire population to prevent the spread of the virus and the loss of human lives. The announcement came in the room balconies at the Government Palace, after they obtained the results of laboratory tests carried out yesterday to five cases in Ciudad Juarez, which has been positive reaction to the influenza A H1N1.

The above translation confirms that the atypical pneumonia in Juarez, Mexico is due to H1N1, and the cases have spread throughout the state, of Chihuahua including six cases in the capital, Chihuahua.

The warning, death, and vaccination of 250 traffic co-workers raise concerns that a more severe form of H1N1 is spreading in northern Mexico.  Moreover, the recent H1N1 vaccine failures in the northern hemisphere raise additional concerns that the vaccination of co-workers will have limited utility.  The current vaccine that is in use in the northern hemisphere has been produced for the southern hemisphere, so no vaccine targeting the current H1N1 sub-clade is available.

The sub-clade with S188T has become dominant in the northern hemisphere, buit a cluster with H274Y has recently been reported in Delaware, and increased severity raises concerns that additional receptor binding domain changes, including D225G/N make cause significant increases in intensive care admissions.

More detail on this more virulent H1N1 sub-clade would be useful.

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