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Florida Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome Investigation Widens to 46

Recombinomics Commentary
March 30, 2005

>>The number of people statewide showing symptoms of infection rose from 37 to 46 on Wednesday. That includes four suspected cases in Charlotte County and one in Sarasota County.

The state Department of Health also reported that there is 1 confirmed case of E. coli bacteria infection in Charlotte County.

All of the people infected with the bacteria or the kidney disease attended the Central Florida Fair or the Florida Strawberry Festival.....

Of the 46 suspected or confirmed cases statewide, 34 are children and 12 are adults.  <<

The investigation of hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) has expanded to 46 within the state of Florida.  The number of cases within Florida has grown steadily in the past several days.  Since the outbreaks were during peak tourist season, the number of cases nationwide may be significantly higher.  Early in the investigation a potential case in Wisconsin was mentioned.  However, the large increase in patients under investigation has been due to residents of Florida.

There has been one reported fatality.  The Pasco county girl collapsed in her Wesley Chapel home after developing a temperature of 103, which is unusually high for a bacterial infection.

The source of the E. coli remains under investigation, as the number of cases steadily increases.

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