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Three Florida HUS Linked Fairs Had Same Petting Zoo

Recombinomics Commentary
March 31, 2005

>> While he said other causes haven't been definitively ruled out, one company, Ag-Venture Farm Shows of Plant City, provided the animals for the petting zoos at all three, Agwunobi said.

``It's increasingly clear to us that one of the few, if not the only, bridging event appears to be a very specific petting zoo _ Ag-Venture,'' Agwunobi said. ``We have a very strong suspicion that there is an association with this petting zoo.'' <<

The linkage of Ag-Venture Farm Shows to all three festivals raises the questions about earlier exposures and additional hemolytic uremic syndrome HUS cases. 

The Ag-Venture Farm Show is featured at many fairs throughout the east.  Below is a list of websites that mention the exhibit at fairs since August, 2004. 

The list is not likely to cover all or even most of the fairs featuring the exhibit.

Midland County Fair
Midland MI
Aug 12-19, 2004

Trumansburg Fair
Trumansburg, NY
August 24-29, 2004

Richmond County Fair
Richmond Town, NY
Sept 13-14, 2004

Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair

Jacksonville, FL
Nov 3-14, 2004

Pasco County Fair
Dade City, FL
Feb 21-24, 2005

Florida Strawberry Festival
Plant City, FL
March 2-12, 2005

Central Florida Fair
Orlando, FL
March 3-13, 2005

Northeast Fair
Pittston Township, PA
July 26-31, 2005

The BlueHill Fair
Blue Hill, ME
Sept 1-5, 2005

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