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H5N1 Confirmed Cluster in Sumatra Indonesia

Recombinomics Commentary 06:03
March 31, 2008

Although one life of their child, Edi Satria (21) was called by the Lord because of the inflammation diagnosis of the lungs, now the daughter of the couple's youngest child, Anisa (21 months) also was claimed as suspect bird flu.

Anisa that according to the temporary medical test was expected as the patient suscpect bird flu, till at this time still was lain alongside in isolation space RSU M. Jamil Padang.

Lily Sulistyowati, the ministry's spokeswoman, said the 22-month-old girl from Sumatra's Bukit Tinggi fell sick on March 19 and the ministry is checking her neighborhood for possible backyard farming.

"Her condition is improving, and she is being treated at a Padang hospital," Sulistyowati told Reuters by telephone.

The above comments confirm an H5N1 cluster in Sumatra, Indonesia.  This cluster, like the confirmed cluster in West Java, involves two family members.  In both cases the index case died with bird flu symptoms, while the family member subsequently developed bird flu symptoms and tested positive for H5N1.

Thus, because the index case was not tested in both clusters, both will be officially reported as sporadic cases, rather than a cluster involving likely human to human transmission.

However, the Sumatra cluster may develop into a larger cluster involving extended human to human transmission, because the nurse (29F) who cared for one or both of the family members in Sumatra has now been hospitalized with bird flu transmission. 

Confirmation of H5N1 in the nurse would create more cause for concern, although the two confirmed clusters in two distinct locations in Indonesia is already cause for concern.

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