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Luanda Residents Prepare for Lethal Marburg Virus

Recombinomics Commentary

April 1, 2005

>>  According to the CDC the mortality rate from Marburg is usually around 23 to 25 percent in more developed countries, but Angola's rate is much higher, with the country's health system, left in tatters after 27 years of civil war, struggling to cope with the outbreak.

Meanwhile, news of the escalation in infections continued to concern residents in Luanda, who feared that it was only a matter of time before the outbreak reached the capital.

Shops were running out of bottles of household bleach, which locals were adding to their water supply to kill bacteria, while some parents were reportedly keeping their children out of school for fear they could catch the virus. <<

The spread of Marburg in Angola has caused concerns in Luanda.  The virus has a case fatality rate of approximately 100%.  New cases are being transferred or discovered outside of the main hospital in Uige, which has been closed.

The death toll has risen to record levels, yet there are no reports of survivors.  In the past two weeks the spread of Marburg to health care workers and first responders, has left at least fourteen dead.

Patients have sought treatment in hospitals outside of Uige.  Deaths have been recorded in Luanda, Negage, and Cabinda.  However, even more alarming are fatalities found in neighborhoods, where infection control would be minimal and further spread likely. 

Additional spread of Marburg hemorrhagic fever leads to additional movement of infected people, which fuels the concerns of Luanda residents.

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