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1N1 Spreads to El Salvador
Recombinomics Commentary 06:10
April 2, 2011

The Deputy Minister for Health Policy, Eduardo Espinoza, today confirmed a third case of H1N1 flu.

"Indeed, it was reported the third case. Antiguo Cuscatlan and is consulted at the Department of Health Barrios is a female person, 36 years, "explained Evans.

The first reported case this year was a minor (3 years), treated at the Hospital Bloom, while in the second, reported last week, it was a woman of 43 years.

The above translation describes the spread of H1N1 to El Salvador.  Like for Mexico and Venezuela, the beginning of April is an unlikely time for an increase in influenza activity.  It is late for the northern hemisphere season and early for the southern hemisphere season.  Increases in H1N1 in El Salvador are almost certainly linked to the increased activity in Mexico to the north and Venezuela to the south. 

The new sub-clade is quickly spreading throughout North and South America.  Trinidad and Tobago has issued an alert and other countries will soon follow suit.

There have been difficulties in confirming and sub-typing this new sub-clade, so the number of cases is grossly under-represented by lab confirmed cases.

Anecdotal reports describe increases in atypical pneumonia deaths, which are difficult to confirm.  The above translation reports an increase in frequency of confirmed H1N1 cases, and these numbers are expect to rise sharply in the near term.

Release of sequences from these cases as well as severe and fatal cases in Mexico and Venezuela is useful. The release of 2011 H1N1 sequences from the United States is long overdue.

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