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More Shanghai H7N9 Cases Raise Concerns
Recombinomics Commentary 06:00
April 2, 2013

found that patients may be infected can not be sub-type of influenza virus. According to City Public Health Center and the City CDC test results in censorship cases samples detected five cases of suspected influenza virus H7 gene fragment.

The above translation indicates additional H7N9 cases have been identified in Shanghai (see map) by PCR test (after sub-typing failure for seasonal flu or H5N1).  Three of the cases appear to have died.  These five cases are in addition to the confirmed cases, but may include the two sons of the confirmed H7N9 case in the cluster.

These reports raise concerns that the number of cases which have been tested or are undergoing testing may be significantly higher than the 3 confirmed H7N9 cases and the two symptomatic sons which were hospitalized with severe pneumonia,  One was discharged (69M) while the other died (55M).  These cases were hospitalized in February and early March.

More information on these cases would be useful,  One of the earlier confirmed cases in Shanghai (probably 27M) had H7 Q226L (never reported in natural H5N1 bird flu), while both confirmed Shanghai cases had PB2 E627K and a 15 BP deletion in N9,

The large number of confirmed and suspect cases with these significant genetic changes continue to create cause for concern.

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