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Eighth H7N9 Death Reported - Suzhou Wuijiang Jiangsu
Recombinomics Commentary 13:00
April 9, 2013

Patients Shen, male, 83 years old, Suzhou Wujiang District. Disease, on March 20 for medical treatment at a hospital in Suzhou. April 2 confirmed human infection of H7N9 avian influenza. Provincial expert group has organized a consultation, guiding clinical treatment. On the afternoon of April 9, died after rescue invalid.

The above translation describes the death of the 8th confirmed H7N9 case.  Confirmation of this patient was described in the April 3 WHO H7N9 update when the patient was in critical condition.  Previous tweets from China had noted 3 additional cases in the Suzhou Wuijang District (see map).

All 11 WHO confirmed cases prior to the mild case reported on April 5 were classified as fatal or critical.  WHO’s updates have reported 21 cases and six fatalities, but today they tweeted the confirmation of 3 more cases, including 1 more death.  Thus, the WHO confirmed total is 24 cases and 7 deaths. Three of the cases have been cited as mild and one case was stable.  However, none of the confirmed cases have been discharged, so the case fatality rate remains at 100%.

The above translation describes the eighth death.  The concentraion of cases and deaths in and around Shanghai exceeds previous reports of H5N1 bird flu cases.

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