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1000's of Children in Ho Chi Minh City with Bird Flu Symptoms

Recombinomics Commentary

April 11, 2005

>>Hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City have been filled with thousands of children who have caught respiratory and digestive illnesses due to the hot weather.

Pediatric Hospital I reported that it had examined nearly 4,000 children patients a day with some 85 per cent of them suffering from respiratory problems, said a hospital doctor.

Meanwhile, more than 3,000 children were brought into Pediatric Hospital II on Monday.  One-third of the children had respiratory problems and 300 others had digestive problems.

Besides, many children have been hospitalized for brain diseases caused by the entero virus.

The major reason behind the illnesses is that children are sleeping all night with fans on due to the hot weather in recent days.<<

The deafening dearth of data in Vietnam may have ended. 

The number of children alone would be cause for concern, but large numbers of patients with respiratory and digestive illness, and  "brain diseases" in Vietnam ring alarm bells very loudly.

Serious H5N1 testing is indicated, although results from Quang Binh, Haiphong, and Quang Ninh have not been reported.

Bird flu monitoring in Vietnam is well beyond scandalous.

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