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Investigation of Student Myocarditis Deaths in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Recombinomics Commentary

April 16, 2005

>> The Healthcare and Nutrition Ministry yesterday commenced a special investigation into the twin deaths allegedly resulting from a heart disease known as myocarditis.

Already, two teams have launched investigations into these two deaths which had occurred at the Peradeniya Teaching Hospital....

Already, the body samples of two victims have been brought to Colombo forindepth medical investigations.

The two deceased are a female medical student and another 45 year old
person. <<

The two deaths at the Peradeniya Teaching Hospital in Kandy, Sri Lanka are cause for concern.  Kandy is about 50 miles west of Badulla, where there have also been mysterious sudden deaths of students and a teacher, which followed an outbreak of viral myocarditis.

This cluster of milder cases followed by sudden deaths of students and teachers is cause for concern.  The same groups are called in to investigate, yet follow-up reports on conclusions are not forthcoming.  The clustering of the deaths with similar symptoms suggests a common viral etiology.

Prior to the tsunami, there were a series of flu related deaths in the southern portion of Sri Lanka among relatively young patients.  Some of the patients were positive for influenza A or influenza B.

The continuing clustering of these deaths without explanation is cause for concern.

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