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More Suspect Beta2c Coronavirus Fatalities In Al-Ahsa
Recombinomics Commentary 17:00
May 4, 2013

  indicated Press sources to the death of a child 10 days ago, at the age of 11 years, having arrived at the emergency department, an 'excellent health'. It was only suffering from a high temperature. It was only after an hour of arrival to the emergency department, was transferred to the intensive care room. And died two hours later, amid distraught all members of the medical staff at the hospital. He also received the emergency department was a kid, at the age of 10 years. And died hours after his arrival. The ambulance upon arrival children 'in good health'.

The above translation describes two children (11 and 10 years of age) who died at the Al Ahsa hospital in Al Hofuf, Saudi Arabia (see map), where 10 confirmed beta2c coronavirus cases were reported.  Seven cases were initially reported, which included 5 fatalities.  A subsequent report cited 3 additional cases.  The second report included age, gender and disease onset dates for the confirmed cases.  Neither the age/gender for the fatal cases (59M, 87M, 94M, 54M, 54M) nor the hospitalized cases (24M, 58M, 53F, 50M, 33M) matched the ages of the two children who died, raising concerns that the number of confirmed cases does not include many additional cases who have died or have been hospitalized.

The disease onset dates supported significant human to human transmission.  A family cluster of two was cited, but more recent media reports have cited a familial cluster of three, which included the death of the index case and the hospitalization of two sons, which likely includes one of the confirmed cases (33M) noted yesterday.

These additional cases and fatalities (see map) raise concerns that the number of SARS-like coronvirus infections is markedly higher than the recently reported 10 confirmed cases.

Information on fatal, hospitalized, and symptomatic suspect cases would be useful.

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