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Seis de Mayo in Manila: Second Flu Pandemic May Have Begun

Recombinomics Commentary

May 5, 2005

>>  On Thursday 5 May, WHO officials attended a meeting in Manila in the Philippines with government health representatives from Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, to address the current flu situation. <<

It sounds like H5N1 was discussed  on Cinco de Mayo in Manila, but WHO will get the bad news on Seis de Mayo.  They should hear that WSN/33 in dead Korean pigs is quite real, and flu has opened a second front.

Today's New England Journal of Medicine commentary indicated the world was unprepared for a flu pandemic, and the outcome could rival 1918.  WHO has acknowledged that the H5N1 bird flu pandemic of 2005 may have begun.  The WSN/33 news WHO receives on Friday should ring more alarm bells.

This should be a wake-up call, but reaction will likely come when it is too late, which is now.

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