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Suspect H5N1 Bird Flu Cluster in North Sumatra Indonesia

Recombinomics Commentary

May 10, 2006

Roy Karokaro, 19 years, died to struck 11 days on last Tuesday (9/5).
Roy was treated in RSU Adam the Owner since last Monday night.
While Anta Beru Ginting, 29 years, died on Wednesday (10/5) at dawn earlier.

Roy Karokaro, Anta Beru Ginting as well as his five relatives was the reconciliation patient from RSU Kabanjahe, the Karo Land Regency.
Five relatives at this time still were treated intensive in the same hospital, namely Jones Ginting, Boni Karokaro and a pre-schooler be aged one half of the year, Renaita Beru Tarigan.

Whereas two last patients who were treated were Rafael Ginting and Obviously Beru Ginting.

All this patient had the family's direct relations and lived in the close house.

The above description of a large familial cluster in North Sumatra,  Indonesia is cause for concern.  Other reports indicated the mother has also died at an earlier date.  The relatives have H5N1 bird flu symptoms and the extended time period for symptoms and admissions is cause for concern.

The number of fatalities has now grown to three and the condition of additional family members continues to deteriorate.

Familial clusters of H5N1 in Indonesia have been noted previously, but this is the largest suspected cluster reported to date.

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