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Fatal H5N1 Cases in North Sumatra Increase to Six

Recombinomics Commentary

May 14, 2006

An Indonesian toddler who had tested positive for bird flu according to local tests died on Sunday, a senior health ministry official said.

The 18-month boy's blood sample has been sent to a World Health Organisation-affiliated laboratory in Hong Kong for confirmation.

The above comments indicate the sixth family member has died.  Local reports had reported the death on Friday, but reports had been conflicting.  The above new report confirms that the patient has died and has tested positive for H5N1.  The six deaths from one family is the most H5N1 deaths reported for a familial cluster. 

Currently two other family members with symptoms are still alive.  One, Jonnes Ginting, is hospitalized, while another, Obvious Ulina Ginting, is being treated at home in Karo.

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