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Human Bird Flu Deaths Increase to 11 in Qinghai China?

Recombinomics Commentary
May 25, 2005

>>  On May 24, 2005 the Xining news, according to internal public figure &#36879;&#28431;, the early morning stops to May 24, the Qinghai epidemic disease area because the infection birds and beasts flu causes the casualty already increased to 121 people, because the epidemic disease area too dispersed, for treated and cured the work to bring the serious puzzle, the Qinghai Province local medical personnel which the participation treated and cured has 11 people already to confirm the death, at present China official still uses the expression was: At present still nobody infection birds and beasts flu, and stricter blockade epidemic disease area news.  <<

The May 24 update of the bird flu situation in Qinghai has the number of H5N1 cases increasing from 51 to 121, and the number dead increasing from 6 to 11.  These reports are not confirmed.  The Xining News indicates a news blackout has now been imposed.

WHO has made inquiries and China has denied any human cases of H5N1 in Qinghai.

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