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H5N1 Bird Flu Cluster in Bandung Indonesia Confirmed

Recombinomics Commentary

May 25, 2006

local tests have found one of two siblings admitted to hospital earlier this week in the West Java capital of Bandung was a positive H5N1 case.

"The younger one is positive. We are looking into the other one," he said.

The younger sibling, a 10-year old girl, died on Tuesday.

The above comments confirm H5N1 bird flu in the Bandung familial cluster.  Two siblings have died, while a third is being treated at home. The number of confirmed clusters continues to make up the majority of cases in Indonesia.

Currently the large cluster in North Sumatra has captured significant attention, but the repeated and widespread outbreaks of smaller cluster is cause for concern and involves two distinct H5N1 sequences.

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