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Yogjakarta H5N1 Sequences Similar to Human Tangerang

Recombinomics Commentary

May 29, 2006

The recent earthquake near Yogjakarta has focused attention on H5N1 bird flu.  There are two public sequences on isolates from Yogijakarta listed below.  They were both isolated in 2004 and are most closely related to each other.  However, a number of polymorphisms in HA are shared by a small number of isolates which are all in Indonesia.  Included in this group is the only human H5N1 HA sequence publicly available.

As described earlier, the human sequences is a related to the Wajo isolate.  Recently new H5N1 isolates from birds in Indonesia have been made public and included in the list are those closely related to the bird isolates from Wajo, Yogijakarta, and the human sequence.

Although these sequences are closest to the human sequence, none contain the novel HA cleavage site found in almost all human and a cat sequence from West Java.

DQ497651     A/chicken/Gunung Kidal/BBVW/2005   2005  H5N1   
DQ497643     A/chicken/Magetan/BBVW/2005           2005  H5N1   
DQ320933     A/chicken/Wajo/BBVM/2005                  2005  H5N1   
DQ497659     A/duck/Parepare/BBVM/2005               2005  H5N1   
ISDN125873  A/Indonesia/5/05                                      2005  H5N1   
DQ320930     A/chicken/Yogjakarta/BBVet-IX/2004    2004  H5N1   
DQ497649     A/quail/Yogjakarta/BBVet-IX/2004         2004  H5N1 


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