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WHO Initiates New Website on H5N1 in Indonesia

Recombinomics Commentary

May 29, 2006

WHO has a new website devoted to H5N1 bird flu in Indonesia.  The new site has the Indonesian updates as well as maps of bird outbreaks, human outbreaks, and a combined map. The site also has locations of regional hospitals throughout Indonesia.

Site provides a great deal of useful information on Indonesian H5N1 and allowed for convenient access of complied information.

The number of cases has increased dramatically in the past few weeks, including updates on the large cluster in North Sumatra.  Today's updates added six new confirmed cases, which have yet to be added to the maps, but the data at the site is useful for identifying cases in West Java (Bekaal, Bogor, Bandung, Indimayu, Depok, Semedang.

The new site is both useful and user friendly for a more detailed view of the H5N1 outbreaks in Indonesia.


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